The Ghana Book Publishers Association with the support of BUSAC Funds organised advocacy programme with the purpose of establishing a professional regulatory body for publishers in Ghana. The dialogue sessions involved important and powerful institutions such as Ministry of Education, Ghana Book Development Council, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department, Registrar General’s Department and Parliament.

The outcome of the dialogue activities was to ensure that:

All inputs from the stakeholders’ workshop have been duly incorporated into the GBDC Bill.
The GBDC Bill has been duly reviewed and validated.
The validated GBDC Bill has been submitted to Cabinet.
Issue that came up during the dialogue sessions was the need for a comprehensive review of the Ghana Book Development and Distribution Policy to include feasible implementation provisions and schedules.


The Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association (GPPCA) in collaboration with the Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and BUSAC Advocacy Support Services held a one-day stakeholders’ workshop at the STEPRI Conference Room, CSIR Head Office, Accra. The aim of the meeting was to seek full compliance of the Ministry’s Textbook Development and Distribution Policy of 2002 which has seen some challenges since its inception.

In attendance was Mrs. Ernesticia Asuinura Lartey, the Executive Director of the Ghana Book Development Council and the chairperson for the occasion who also represented the MoE; Rev. Dr. Edem Tettey, a consultant, and Mrs. Agnes Vandyck (former Executive Director of GBDC) who first drafted the Textbook Development and Distribution Policy.

Mr Asare Konadu Yamoah delivered a presentation on behalf of The Ghana Book Publishers Association. He commended the Ministry of Education for their efforts in trying to implement the Textbook Policy. He further lauded efforts by the GPPCA and GBPA to form a united front to promote their common interest.

Mr. Asare Konadu Yamoah and Mr. James Appiah-Berko made presentations on behalf of Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA) and Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association (GPPCA) respectively.

Participants deliberated on the recent directive by Government for textbooks to be wholly printed in Ghana for the current tender. Both associations raised concerns about procurement procedures, conferencing of evaluators and capacity of printers in relation to deadlines, quality, among others. It was resolved that representatives from both associations should meet and resolve their issues amicably. It was also resolved that a monitoring team made up of representatives from the various associations and the Ministry should be set up to enforce strict compliance of the Textbook Development and Distribution Policy.